“Lifeline Supplies is a family-run health service provider with a commitment to serving our community. We bring these values to our daily operations while treating clients like family.” — Maxim Gorin.

As a family man, healthcare provider, and business owner, my priority is the safety of my family, employees, the patients we transport, and the viability of Lifeline Ambulance. When California shut down non-essential businesses, Lifeline attempted to purchase sanitization products from our usual local and national suppliers. But as expected, by the end of March, prices were being marked up by over  200%.

It was easy to predict the coming shortages, so we took action.  Third parties distributors are out of the question for healthcare providers like LifeLine Ambulances. Furthermore, we knew various PPE types, with a wide range of uses, would be necessary.  After an intense vetting process, LifeLine partnered with a manufacturer to produce and distribute a sanitizer wipe containing 75%  alcohol, an effective surface/equipment cleaner beating some well-known wholesalers.

LifeLine Supply is now a major wholesale supplier of  Personal Protection Equipment, serving the County of Los Angeles, San Gabriel Valley, and Orange County. We are working around the clock to deliver a superior product at affordable prices. Our goal is to put the product in the hands of those who need it when it matters.