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About Us

LifeLine Ambulance
Donations to the Sheriff's Department
Methodist Hospital Donations
Methodist Hospital Donations

When sanitizing products began to disappear from shelves in late February 2020, LifeLine Ambulance strategically partnered with MRMB House LLC to develop sanitizing wipes and hand-sanitizer for our employees. This led to us starting LifeLine Supply that now distributes safe, highly effective, FDA-registered sanitizing solutions for the LifeLine Ambulance team while allowing us to demonstrate our unwavering commitment to the community by donating sanitizing products to local hospitals and sheriff departments.

Our Mission

Safeguarding the Health of our employees, customers, and clients on and off the field


To supply you with trustworthy products from a reliable company that cares about your safety


"As a family man, healthcare provider, and business owner, my priority is the safety of my family, employees, the patients we transport, and the visibility of Lifeline Ambulance founded in 2002" - Maxim Gorin 

LifeLine Supply is now a major wholesale supplier of Personal Protection equipment, serving the County of Los Angeles, San Gabriel Valley, and Orange County

Our Story


FDA registered sanitizing products that will keep you safe and protected

We offer bulk purchases of our 160cnt wipes, 80cnt wipes, 17oz unscented gel hand sanitizer, and 3.4oz travel sized hand sanitizer